Hotel Villa Rosa

The Villa Rosa Hotel, a Country Hotel in Trois-Epis near Colmar in Alsace

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Recognized as a "Country Hotel" in Alsace, the Villa Rosa welcomes you to the resort of Trois Epis, near Colmar, in the heart of the beautiful green landscapes of the Parc Naturel Régional des Ballons des Vosges. 

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What is a "hôtel au naturel" ? Discover our country hotel and our philosophy in the France 3 Alsace video, from last June 7th

This unusual, friendly little country hotel in Alsace has eight rooms and seems more like an inn or a guesthouse thanks to the warm welcome that is always offered by its owners, Anne-Rose and Francis.

In a bucolic setting with wonderful heirloom roses, Anne-Rose is happy to share her passion for the countryside and her cooking with its abundant use of wild flowers and herbs. A perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries.

The hotel embraces the seasonal nature of the local produce. Anne-Rose works with local farms, selecting organic products when possible, and uses vegetables directly from the kitchen garden or the market.

The Villa Rosa Hotel has been officially acknowledged as an "Accueil des Parcs Naturels Régionaux de France" and a "Country Hotel", reflecting the hotel's high standards and commitment to preserving the region's environment and its cultural and natural heritage. 
These awards are a guarantee of an environmentally friendly approach.

The hotel has been renovated using natural products: paints, oiled floors and natural wax, cotton, linen, latex for decorative finishes and air-slaked lime and sand rendering for roughcast. Cellulose fibre and cork for insulation.
The hotel embraces the seasonal nature of the local produce. We work with local farms, selecting organic produts when possible, and use vegetables directly from the kitchen garden or the market.

Our approach
We encourage our clientele to sort waste and request that packaging be returned to suppliers.
We use recycled and recyclable products, thereby minimizing "disposable" items.
We compost green waste for use in our kitchen garden.
We use water-saving devices and low energy light bulbs.
20m² of solar panels produce our hot water.
We use renewable energy wherever possible, such as the solar pump for the pond, and the heating for the swimming pool.

We have used retified wood for garden constructions: the rubbish bin storage area, terrace, benches, garden shed etc.
We use natural fertilizers for our kitchen garden and flowers, and when possible treat them with plant infusions.

Hotel Villa Rosa is not wheelchair accessible.


Relaxation, well-being, sports, leisure activities... Enjoy free access to the solar heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna and steam baths (depending on your room) during your stay at the Villa Rosa Hotel. Other activities are available such as hiking, riding, walking, tennis, golf...



Explore the heritage of Alsace at your own pace: traditional towns and villages, half-timbered houses, churches and cathedrals, fortifications, the Route des Vins (Wine Trail)... The Villa Rosa offers an alternative approach, and invites you to explore Alsace and the Vosges from a different point of view: on foot or by bicycle, following paths through the vineyards, forests and villages.